Confidence and trust

We promote confidence and trust in order to build a better connected, more successful property investment community.

Transparency through technology

We use technology to bring transparency, professionalism and credibility to property investment deals, allowing everyone to make better returns on their savings and investments. Our online platform identifies and matches potential investors with available property deals they can profitably invest in.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to raise the standard of the property investment industry.

We want PropertyMenu to be the transparent, simple, easy-to-use platform that all property investors turn to in order to maximise their profit opportunity every single time.

A few things we believe…

  • Property is a personal business where people buy from people
  • Technology can simplify and amplify the market opportunity
  • Transparency has the power to deliver trust and credibility, ensuring everyone can move forward with confidence
  • Everyone benefits from win / win partnerships and opportunities
  • Community should be nurtured and knowledge and expertise should be shared
  • All property owners deserve a fair deal no matter their circumstances
  • It’s important to get to know all of our customers and partners and understand their needs
  • You shouldn’t have to pay an upfront fee just to have visibility of a potential investment opportunity
  • You should only have to pay a fee if your deal completes
  • Every deal should be properly prepared and professionally presented with consistent evaluation metrics
  • All property sourcers should be registered and transparent about their background and compliance prior to joining the platform
  • All investors that express an interest in a deal should be in a position to purchase
  • Investors should see a true reflection of the opportunity through transparent sharing of information